SST Commentary

SST Commentary

Jan 2019

Strategic Stock Trade For 1/31/2019

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Strategic Stock Trade


SST Email For 1/31/2019:


The Fed did not raise interest rates as expected and the markets responded by soaring higher.

Most important, the Fed signaled that they will not raise interest rates again for the foreseeable future because Growth is Slowing.  What a surprise.

So, lets get this straight.  The Fed was lowering interest rates when growth was accelerating the last couple of years.  Now that growth is slowing, the Fed will no longer raise interest rates.  Are you scratching your head yet?

In other words, the Fed has no clue what they are doing.  All these PHD’s running monetary policy and this is the best we can get.  A clueless group of academics.


Turning to the SST Charts:  the monthly NH / NL closed with a +1026, Quarterly = 288, Yearly = 50, and Weekly = 187.


The Trend continues Bearish except for the short-term monthly time frame.


I am short AAPL after selling my JDST long and covering my TSLA short.


The SST Daily Index Numbers Closed Trading As Follows:


NAZ = 53.86

DJIA = 82.43

IWM = 66.55

S&P = 68.69

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