SST Commentary

SST Commentary

Feb 2019

Strategic Stock Trade For 2/12/2019

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Strategic Stock Trade


SST Email For 2/12/2019:


Stocks closed mixed on Monday as the dull trading continues with no clear cut direction.

SPY volume was once again lackluster, trading under 68 million shares.


The SST Daily Thrust indicator continues blue, meaning a mixed signal.

This trading pattern has to give.  At some point I expect a major move to the downside.  But, until the machines decide they want to sell, we will continue to have these boring trading days.


The SST Monthly NH / NL Chart closed with a +503, Quarterly = 363, Yearly = 98, and Weekly = 347.

Lower highs continue on the Weekly chart.


I started started the UVXY long on Monday and will continue to add tomorrow if necessary.  Volatility will return when its least expected.


The SST Daily Index Numbers Closed Trading As Follows:


NAZ = 56.67

DJIA = 36.76

IWM = 71.93

S&P = 49.03

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